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For attractive returns on real estate investments, how you buy matters most!


The financial / foreclosure crisis created significant and unprecedented opportunities for savvy real estate investors. However, most private investors don't have the time or expertise to successfully identify and invest in the right properties. Upside Property Investment, LLC (the “Company”) offers investors a rare opportunity to invest in a new class portfolio of high-end residential “Zombie” properties throughout Florida.  


We have perfected a unique way to buy, rent, hold, and resell distressed zombie properties. Our proprietary process allows us to identify and purchase zombie properties that would otherwise sit in foreclosure limbo for years. We leverage our experience, negotiating skills, and legal capabilities in real estate transactions, foreclosures, and title litigation to purchase these properties from current owners at extremely deep discounts to current valuations.  


Taking advantage of current market conditions and opportunities, we can purchase zombie properties for approximately 1% - 5% of current market value. Pursuant to our purchase, we lease the properties to create immediate income. We then initiate and execute proven legal strategies to extinguish the mortgage liens through litigation or negotiate to purchase the related mortgage notes for pennies on the dollar. As a result, we are building a new class portfolio of Zombie Properties with significant upside profit and income producing potential. 


Our opportunity allows investors to share in profits from the rental income stream generated and the profits from successful disposition of the entire portfolio of high-end zombie properties. Because we acquire the assets at such an extreme discount to current market values, our risk is reduced while our potential profits are maximized.


It is possible for the Company to generate average returns of 5 to 10 times our investments in such properties. Investors can easily participate without all the hassles of owning, maintaining, and managing such assets individually and directly. Investors can invest and we do the rest!  


Over the past year, we have successfully raised three rounds of capital and proven our unique acquisition model. We are now launching our fourth and final round. The Company is pleased to announce our $10.25 million Regulation D 506(c) Private Placement Offering.     


Investments will be accepted from qualified private equity funds, hedge funds, accredited investors, and certain non-US investors. Investors can use self-directed IRA funds to start earning tax free dollars from this rare portfolio of real estate holdings.


To learn more or to request consideration and participation in our offering, the Securities and Exchange Commission requires our Company to take reasonable steps to ensure investors are “Accredited Investors”.    


What Does the SEC Require?


The SEC requires “Reasonable Steps” to verify an accredited investor. By taking these “Reasonable Steps”, our Company can be confident in complying with the Regulation.


These reasonable steps can include:


  • Verification based on income

  • Verification based on net worth

  • ​Verification of a letter from a CPA, attorney, or broker


If you are an interested and qualified Acrredited Investor who would like to evaluate our Zombie Property investment opportunity, please fill out the Accredited Investor Information form below. We will verify your identity and provide you access to our Private Placement deal room. If you have been provided login credentials, you can login to our Private Placement deal room using the Login Access form below. Thank you for your interest and consideration!     
















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